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Favorite Group Couple

1st Place

Shu & Tefnut - Favorite Group Couple
1st Place! - Lichtstern & Eissturm, Starhunters

Lichtstern and Eissturm are for a long time a pair, her biggest luck was the birth of her triplets. In Now still her daughter Windwhisper remains to them. They stick together still narrowly and support themselves affectionately. Eissturm has a big protector's instinct for Lichtstern and she strengthens his back. Generally Lichtstern is a very friendly and helpful elf who goes for everybody to the hand and always has an open ear for the members of her trunk. It is consciously to be proper to the oldest and carries this position not without pride a little to feel. Lichtstern has still maintained a very childish quality and this is not to be able to admit her defiance and the problem to itself mistake and she can become very silly with the tip to such. Eissturm can be suddenly irritable with all power, in between, nevertheless, also patiently. He has to protect a strong aspiration. He has a friendly and happy kind. Eissturm and Lichtstern are complementary mutually, form a harmonious pair and are affectionate parents. Their reactions to family members are very informal and kind, so that even strangers can feel at home. Eissturm has offered even Silberwind to become a part of this community. In addition Eissturm is still the weapon brother of Frostbite and greets this around something hearty in his family, as a Frostbites father. On a hard test Eissturm and Lichtstern about the years were put away over and over again. Only her daughter Windwhisper recognised foreign elves. Feurranke. This to barge of late Wolftrace in a sad mood, so that he left the trunk. Only much later Wolftrace returned and now was only able, Windwhispers decision in favour of Feuerrankes accept. Then her daughter Himmelsstern left what had strongly taken Kalkan. And then her son Sitar had been still killed by the trolls in the big weir. However, in spite of all Eissturm and Lichtstern retained integrity her affectionate nature. It also clear that they do not look any more only after her direct family, but after everything. Therefore it is not surprising that to itself has prescribed the both completely for the community. Each of the both supports trunk in his way. Lichtstern is troubled around everything in the trunk and looks after the everyday problems of the family life and after the worries of singles. Eissturm likewise takes care around everything in the trunk and looks after the future way of the starhunters and after the decisions resulting with it. He is one of the advisers of the leader.


Favorite Craftsman

Honorable Mention!

Ptah - Favorite Craftsman
Honorable Mention! - Shan - Starhunters

Shan has appropriated the smith's craft before several decades. Even if for hammered at first hardly need existed, Shan did not file this craft. On the contrary, he refined his technology more and more. Thus originated not only to everyday utensils, jewellery and toys, but also very good weapons. Metal armaments were never necessary, are, however, since the starhunters on the track of the soulthief, Shan has also learnt the smiths of armaments. Must learn. It was a hard blow for the trunk, as a Shan has become the victim of the soulthief. Virtually he, could look nobody second after weapons and armaments. After Shan was free again, could be snatched from the soulthief, however, still an other connection is there to the metal. It seems to him to whisper, while he forges it. He can perceive how he better works on the metal. Whether there has maybe magic awoken in him?


Most Magical Character

Honorable Mention!

Isis - Most Magical Character Honorable Mention! - T’hor Icethorn - Starhunters Thor Icethorn one must repeat a rather irritating personality, because one can indicate not clearly what goes forward in him or what he holds of his opponent. His facial play says a lot and also nothing and it is seldom clear whether there a reaction is to be recognised to the just said or to one of his own thoughts. Thus some may dismiss this with the fact that T'hor not always is with the thing. Others would become this with 'Morbid in the head!' describe. And the rest does not search only at all the conversation with him. Thus T'horn in his quite own way is unfriendly. And should he announce himself, nevertheless, once to word, his words can be cold and be piercing. Icethorn seemed to come out so properly only in the fight of itself. On this occasion, he developed a quite frightening passion. He became an excellent fighter. But as he fought as he used weapon and magic, the blood could freeze already in the veins and maybe also allow to raise a little compassion for those people who were massacred from T'hor. When something else was not to be called this pitiless slaughter. Since the illness raged in the trunk R'theya and heaped one after the other there, T 'hor had changed. Now he withdrew much more often to disappear deeply in the Nimrohen. T'hor Icethorn had come along it to the task to protect trunk and to stand. In addition every means were right and cheap. As absolutely logical and logical T'hor saw itself. If to do it belonged to it of somebody day's work with, he acted ead. When it belonging to it to kill the people, he acted ead. When it belonging to it to protect trunk against an incapable leader, then he also had to do this. And if it belonged to it this miserable illness to delete, then he already invented a plant in addition. And exactly of this tried T'hor in the depths of the Nimrohen. In a remote cave he let his plant moulder forces rage properly to find something in any of the plants what could order stop to the illness. What arranged his magic, besides, Icethorn overlooked simply and movingly. He took the completely distorted and growth forms weirdly to be called right on his search for the antidote. The fact that him somebody could stop in his activities, did not have to be by force like that. Since, in the end, he only tried to help. However, he rather wanted to make sure and, therefore, chose these very far remote caves. Because the whole Nimrohen with magic had been worked on, nobody would also be able to track down Icethorn. Only one had come to him on the tricks. But he kept this for himself, as well as also T'hor something for itself kept.


Most Striking Character

1st Place!

Ma'at - Most Striking Character
1st Place! - Silberauge - Starhunters

First remarkable at Silberauge is his blue-black hair, with the white twisted strands. Further he has a well visible brand in the upper arm, in form of a small elf's hand which his son Frostbite had added to him during a quarrel. Besides, he has a blue-green and a white eye. Just like his hair. The white eye is completely blind. He can see only with the other. But he did not give half of his vision free of charge. Since by the white eye he is able to look in the inside of his opponent and he can recognise whether somebody spoke the truth or lie.


Favorite Scoundrel

Honorable Mention!

Sekhmet - Favorite Scoundrel
Honorable Mention! - Soulthief - Starhunters

Since the quake 8 years ago which had destroyed the snowy wood a danger unknown up to now waylaid for the starhunters. The first finding of a crystal shard in an chasm after the quake should become the prelude too many other grief. At that time with this finding still no starhunter knew what had it with it on itself. However, about the years away a pattern stood out, so that the starhunters at least knew that it was attacked. From whom was unknown. The pattern was always the same one: only Raureif and Icefire dreamt precisely the same dream. They saw nine elves sitting in the circle and from ihnrer middle a light column climbed in the night sky. After this dream did not awake one of the starhunters any more. His soul was not to incomprehensible way any more completely in his body, only quite weakly still contact could be produced about the soul name, so that was clear that he was not dead. So the enemy unknown up to now also received the name soulthief. For the time being nothing else was left to the starhunters, than to let the sleeping elves in keeper's cocoons to pack. Nothing helped to wake up them. Only about other findings of crystal shards and composing those shards could revive elves. And these indicated by a quite weak vibration perpetually in a direction. The starhunters walk away that the compound shards always indicated at the next section. How a kind of compass. The finding of the shards ran off basically likewise according to a pattern: only there appeared 9 elves from whom nobody reacted to the starhunters. At the same time nature and weather played up and allowed to sweep extremely danderous attacks about the starhunters away. 9 elves always fought the same fight, but to one of them was not always knocked down. If one was knocked down, an other crystal shard lay at that place. If nine elves resolved, the attacks of the nature and the weather also stopped. How now nine elves and the soulthief hang together, the starhunters try to clear up. Since the elves have recognised that there really an enemy had to be behind, they have decided to fight. Since that time they are on a campaign against the soulthief, but up to now they did not have the slightest notion who could be he. Or why to them the passed one.


Most Improved Artist

1st Place!

Papyrys - Most Improved Artist
1st Place! - Frostbite - Starhunters

Frostbite inspires the members of the star hunters already for many years with her pictures.


Favorite Role Player

Honorable Mention!

Cleopatra - Favorite Role Player
Honorable Mention! - Nahima - Starhunters

Now since 2002 Nahima joins in for the starhunters. This role player owns the incomparable ability to warm up in any character. Mostly takes over Nahima characters whose players cannot play for some time or unexpectedly delivered her characters. From the child up to the adult, whether man or woman whether Eleven or something else - Nahima it can play. Even still so small nuances of the assumed character Nahima purchases in the play to move, from the first play entry. Nahima can maintain even the typical writing style and play style of a long-standing player, so that one can partially recognise no difference to the present player of the character. But Nahima is not only a player, but helps vigorously since some time in the grove management. Frostbite as a main play management can profit only from his ideas. In spite of many nearly everyday play entries, Nahima shakes laxly alongside Timelines, family trees, approx. 20 short descriptions to Chrakteren to the early plot part, play supporting ideas and a lot more from the sleeve. A character of Nahima is Nimoe. An example: „Indeed, Nimoe had planned to do her wolf again in, however, there something fell to her in the depression in the eye. Could it be a track? Nimoe remained back around it to itself more exactly to consider. Thus she did not notice how the remaining search party started moving again. She needed longer than, otherwise to note her discovery she would not help. Because her thoughts were still in the past, by the hijacking of Icefire and the misfortune at that time what the humans had to answer. When she saw again on, the search party was already other a piece. Immediately she swung herself again on the back of Hoppser and drove her wolf to follow the rest. Fastest possible she wanted to open again. Apparently the wolves and Eissturm had found a track. Briefly before she came with the other, her one small earth rejection obstructed, originated from a rock floor her way. Nimoe did not want to ride round this. Thus she did Hoppser the earth rejection down, however, the earth under the paws of the wolf was loose. Briefly there slided Hoppser a piece and lost the hold, nevertheless, could catch itself immediately again. In contrast to her rider who fell from the back of her wolf and the small crater down slided without hold to find. Until itself her right leg got stuck in stone stone and her slide your body stopped was torn around and cracks could hear them in her leg. Nimoe expelled a loud pain shout. Afterwards a vague noise and Nimoe the consciousness lost. Their head had hit in one of the stones, immediately blood flowed out of the wound in her head. Darkness reached for her, however, there was something else other. To her was as if they a raven in the distance heard shouting. Fear flowed through her soul. However, it was something else other in the darkness, a little bit what was much closer. What waited for them, craved for her. It wanted to surround them in the darkness move, how a long missing lover with all power. And she felt it if she did not let go any more. This strength and the power it streamed out her soul allowed to solidify and move in the darkness.“


Favorite Group

Honorable Mention!

Valley of Kings - Favorite Group
Honorable Mention! - Starhunters

Now the starhunters exist for more than 10 years. There is a small hard core of players who are present since the beginnings. About the years away there was sometimes more, sometimes less players. However, even the worst long hard haul (very much few players, only a play management) survived the grove and takes pleasure since a good year in active play participation which remind of the times of the beginning. In the meantime, just 40 original starhunters characters are all taken, in addition come once more half as many NSC's which are at the moment a plot component and also were taken mainly by players. In addition, there are other player's inquiries, so that the play management now even even other starhunter characters must insert suitably. There we can be gladly about many emigrated starhunters who will send now her children and child child to the trunk. A small trick.


..:: 2005 ::..


Luke Skywalker, Best Overall Male Character: Icestorm/Starhunters
"He can be explosive just like his father was, or as close-mouthed as his brother Venfar. He sometimes seems to be a little bit too forthright as well. But in the end, all the little weaknesses form this character and make him as authentic and ‘elfish' (‘human' didn't seem to fit) as do the positive aspects of his character – this is why Icestorm should be the best overall male character."
~ anonymous


Princess Leia, Best Overall Female Character: Windwhisper/The Starhunters "Despite all difficulties Windwhisper had to face so far - and there have been quite a lot (an earthquake that destroyed her tribe's home, the departure of her sister Skystar, the splitting up with her lifemates) - she is in good spirits most of the time. Although negative thoughts aren't alien to her, she always makes an effort to make the most of a situation. Her ardent zeal has often been the wind beneath the starhunters wings. Due to her trustfully positive nature she is always a great help for those of her tribemates, who need some encouragement."
~ anonymous


Jar Jar Binks, Favorite oddball character: Silberauge (Silvereye),The Starhunters "Silvereye has got a blind eye, which can look into the soul of his vis-à-vis and thereby find out if someone lies to him or not. His favourite hobby is to worm stories out of each and everyone, even stones! And no one is as good at storytelling as Silvereye! Nevertheless, there are some stories no one wants to hear. But for Silvereye it is: ‘silence is silver, speech is golden'. He probably never heard that a shut mouth catches no flies, and not all that glistens is gold. Well, Silvereye is a very nosy person, he likes to debate a lot and doesn't stop to talk whether he has hearers or not."
~ anonymous


Darth Vader, The best nasty character: Hoar-frost/The Starhunters "Hoar-frost is an bitter and very angry elf. Since many years no smile lighted up her face and no tribemember got through to her, she even drove away her family with poisonous words. Since she was catched and abused by humans lots of years ago, she lost believing in her tribe because no one helped her. This disappointment received her, let her see everything pessimistic. No one is protected of her fits. Everyone just looking askance at her gets cutting words from hoar-frost. If threatening growling doesn´t reach, she´ll help with her fightingstick."
~ anonymous


Queen Amidala, Most striking character: Frostbite /The Starhunters "Frosbite´s strikement already begins with his blue hair and goes on with his clothing, studded with lots of straps and buckles."
~ anonymous


Honorable Mention: Spiderrider/Spinnenreiter/The Starhunters "He's the spokesman of the preservers, the guardians of the preserver forest. He made friends with silvereye nearly at once, because he was glorious eccentric and knew more crazy tales than himself. Spiderrider always has the knack of the preservers and accompanied the starhunters as well when they had to leave the preserver forest. He already blessed the tribe very often with his charming voice and had never understood why some elfs threw objects at him instead of applauding."
~ anonymous


..:: 2004 ::..


Honorable Mention: Frostbite, Sternjäger
"A wonderful mixture of manga-art and colorful power."
~ Anonymous
(Example of Frostbite's art)